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A selection of documents that have been written in the past few years and are a guide to my more current writing.

  1. The Business Case for Human Rights – November 2014
  2. Is Persecution of Christians a Reality – September 2014
  3. Iran in Transition
  4. Iran in Transition – Photojournal – May 2014
  5. Christmas, Peace and Other Subjects – December 2013
  6. One Saturday Morning
  7. Making Sense of Migration (Trilateral Commission – Mexico City)
  8. My Mother – January 2013
  9. A Global Mission



  • 1. The Business Case for Human Rights
    A presentation to the MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates) annual Conference in Winnipeg, Canada on November 6, 2014. The event coincided with the recent opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights which is located in Winnipeg. The objective was to encourage and audience of professionals and business owners to think about how human rights connected to the more practical aspects of their lives and work. Read more>>



  • 3. Iran in Transition
    Based on a visit to Iran in April 2014 with the YPO Peace-Action Network. Purpose of essay is to give readers a more nuanced view of what is actually happening in the country. Read more>>



  • 5.  Christmas, Peace and Other Subjects
    Political travelogue based on travel to Burma/Myanmar, Laos and Ho Chi Minh December 2013 on the occasion of sponsorship by the DeFehr Foundation of a Peace-Building event in Yangon and related travel. Read more>>


  • 6.  One Saturday Morning
    A personal description of life in San Miguel de Allende (Winter 2013) that combines personal experience with a travelogue of this wonderful city where we spend our winters. Read more>>


  • 7.  Making Sense of Migration (Trilateral Commission – Mexico City)
    This was a presentation to the Trilateral Commission at their North American meeting in Mexico City in November 2010.  The orientation was to speak to a primarily Mexican and US audience of business, academic and Government leaders and use the Canadian and specifically the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program as an example that intelligent immigration was possible.  Read more>>


  • 8.  My Mother
    Mia – The Story of a Remarkable Woman (title of her English biography)
    This represents my personal statement about my mother. It tells her story from my perspective and weaves some of my own experiences and perspectives on my mother and how she influenced my life into the story. Read more>>


  • 9. A Global Mission
    A published article by Harvard Business School – title “A Global Mission”. Focussing on how I have balanced a dual career as the long-time CEO of Canada Furniture company Palliser and a leader of human rights causes worldwide. Read more>>