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  1. The Measure of Man
  2. And Some Fell on Rocky Soil
  3. Garden of God
  4. The Food Bank as Prophecy
  5. MCC and Food Aid Policy
  6. Nutritional Self-Sufficiency as a National Objective
  7. Economics and Morality: Report from a Working Group (USSR – Jan 1991)
  8. City of Hope
  9. Leaning into the Wind – A Mission of Business
  10. Leaning into the Wind – Ethics of an Imperfect World
  11. Why I am Mennonite
  12. North America – no Longer an Island
  13. Globalization: A Response
  14. MBCI Commencement Address – June 2007
  15. Globalization: True Believers
  16. World Without Pity
  17. Entrepreneur of the Year Acceptance Speech
  18. UMSU Banquet Speech – 2001
  19. 2003 Red River Community College Graduation
  20. Perspectives on Anti-dumping
  21. Presentation to the Bank of Canada Board of Directors
  22. Live 8 and Global Justice
  23. The Third Way
  24. Goshen College Comments
  25. The Voice of Egypt and the (Missing) Voices of the World
  26. My Mother
  27. What If….An Alternative View of Reality
  28. It Takes a World to Create a Palliser
  29. Palliser – Strategy and Structure
  30. The Role of Family in Business and Community
  31. Long –Term Marketplace Trends in the Furniture Industry
  32. Human Capital and the Woodworking Industry
  33. Perspective on Furniture Markets
  34. Palliser Recognition Evening (2003)
  35. Response to “Pillar of the Industry” Award
  36. Palliser at 60 Years – A Time to Give
  37. The Business Case for Human Rights


  • 1.  The Measure of Man
    Speech presented April 28, 1972 to the Associates in Discipleship (Alumni donors) at EMU – Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  The speech was closely related to my decision to leave my work with Palliser at the time and accept the assignment with MCC in Bangladesh and the beginning of my international career. Read more>>

  • 2.  And Some Fell on Rocky Soil
    A presentation to the MEDA Convention in the fall of 1974.  It was delivered as a devotional and reflects ambivalence about the nature and role of international development.  My recent experience in Bangladesh is reflected in the comments. Read more>>

  • 3.  Garden of God
    A 1975 speech delivered to an Assembly at Fresno Pacific University.  The subject is a theological interpretation of the environment and our relationship and responsibility. Read more>>

  • 4.  The Food Bank as Prophecy
    Written December 1981 during a period when there was lack of consensus about the nature of the Food Bank in the future and its role.  This paper takes a theological perspective but fundamentally argues that the real role of the Food Bank should be as prophecy or as a witness to policy issues rather than only the distribution of food.  The MCC Food Bank became the multi-dimensional Canadian Foodgrains Bank within the next two years. Read more>>

  • 5.  MCC and Food Aid Policy
    A January 1982 document that continued to make the case for an emphasis on food policy rather than only food distribution.  The fact that it was written indicates there were rather different views on the subject. Read more>>

  • 6.  Nutritional Self-Sufficiency as a National Objective
    Written in late 1972 or early 1973 as the philosophical basis for the new MCC program of recovery in Bangladesh.  It constituted a radical alternative to the Government policy of simply more rice rather than seek a diversity of crops to promote a better nutritional balance.  The program later became the basis of the next Bangladesh 5 year plan. Read more>>

  • 7.  USSR – Economics and Morality Report – Jan 28, 1991
    This article was written in response to the idea of developing ethics-based television programming for the emerging Soviet Union.  The date indicates that it was written in January 1991, 7 months before the collapse of the USSR.  It was not written by myself but was based on the work we were doing with Ethics conferences and some Television in the USSR at the time.  The persons who met to develop these ideas are noted in the first paragraphs.  It reflects an optimistic view of what could be accomplished at that early stage in a changing Soviet Union.  The writer as noted is Paul Marshall. Read more>>

  • 8.  City of Hope
    March 2003 response to award as Honoree for the City of Hope and its relationship to the Furniture Industry.  The tribute was given by my daughter, Tara. Read more>>

  • 11.  Why I am a Mennonite
    Mennonite by Choice not by Chance – title of my article
    Published in 1988 as a contribution to a book of the same titled edited by Dr. Harry Loewen, Chair of Mennonite Studies at the University of Winnipeg. There are a total of 30 personal articles by different writers many of them ambivalent about their Mennonite background or identity. My contribution was a more positive statement than most as to how I felt about my identity. Read more>>

  • 13.  Globalization: A Response
    A speech written for delivery at the 75th Anniversary of MCC in Fresno, California. The paper is a response to two longer essays on the subject of Globalization and its impact and message for the church and MCC. Read more>>

  • 15.  Globalization: True Believers
    Written to Tom d’Aquino, head of the CCCE – Canadian Council of Chief Executives as a critique of what I felt was an undue belief in the benefits of Globalization. In particular I pointed out that a great many people and industries are in fact shielded from the impact of Globalization. Read more>>

  • 16.  World Without Pity
    A 1999 Speech to MEDA. It is a harsh critique of Globalization and the behavior of the major economic players and the way the system works. Read more>>

  • 20.  Perspectives on Anti-dumping
    A proposed article for Furniture Today, the US industry periodical submitted in 2003. The magazine was compromised in terms of the many advertisers who were involved with imports and would be damaged by any anti-dumping action so FT did not publish. Read more>>

  • 26.  My Mother
    Mia – The Story of a Remarkable Woman (title of her English biography)
    This represents my personal statement about my mother. It tells her story from my perspective and weaves some of my own experiences and perspectives on my mother and how she influenced my life into the story. Read more>>

  • 28.  It takes a World to Create a Palliser
    The speech from myself as President of Palliser to management and recipients of service and special awards in February of 2001.  It is an interesting philosophical statement about the nature of a company and its relationship to its people. Read more>>

  • 32.  Human Capital and the Woodworking Industry<
    A speech delivered at UBC on the occasion of an event to mark progress of the CAWP – Center for Advanced Wood Processing which was a development based on the German Technical University system.  I was chair of the NEI – National Education Initiative that developed this idea and program in the early 1990’s. Read more>>

  • 33.  Perspective on Furniture Markets
    A 2002 document written at the time Las Vegas was announced as competitor to High Point.  The document makes the argument that High Point exists because it is the best solution for the furniture industry even if it is managed badly. Read more>>

  • 37. The Business Case for Human Rights
    A presentation to the MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates) annual Conference in Winnipeg, Canada on November 6, 2014. The event coincided with the recent opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights which is located in Winnipeg. The objective was to encourage and audience of professionals and business owners to think about how human rights connected to the more practical aspects of their lives and work. Read more>>