Navigation Guide to Documents and Organization of Website

My Website is organized into several categories only for the purpose of guidance to assist the reader in identification of an article or area of interest. In a number of cases a document may appear in more than one section.  Example – a story which is about an event related to Cambodia will appear as a story and in a section of Cambodia documents.

Each category begins with a simple listing of all documents in that category.  The same listing is repeated below including a summary sentence about the contents of that particular document.  You have the option of clicking on the item of interest to link you to the document below or you can scroll down to review.

Please select any of the categories below to explore the website and any particular documents:

  • Recent Documents
    A selection of documents that have been written in the past few years and are a guide to my more current writing.
  • News Articles and Interviews with Art DeFehr
    Compilation of various articles and interviews.
  • Published Articles and Stories
    These are more formal documents in that the majority were written with the intent of publication. They cover many areas of my writing and life.
  • Speeches and Essays
    Scripts of a number of speeches, some dating back 40 years and covering a wide variety of subjects and audiences. The essays were often my personal expression of interest on a subject.
  • International Experiences
    Documents that describe or grew out of my international assignments. They range from arguments or proposals while on assignment to some later reflective pieces.
  • Stories and Reflections
    These documents are presented separately since they were written in a very different style but none of the stories represent fiction in any sense. The Reflections are an eclectic collection of documents covering many years and subjects.
  • Immigration
    Documents relating primarily to the development of the Manitoba PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) and later presentations and arguments to Conferences or other venues.