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Real events that are part of a much larger experience captured in a story form. Most of the stories are built around events that took place in a very limited period of time such as a day or a weekend. All of the stories are factual. Several have been published.

  1. In His Steps
  2. A Weekend in Geneva
  3. Night Train to Riga
  4. A Bible Story
  5. How the KGB Helped me Smuggle my Bible
  6. Night in the White House
  7. Christmas, Peace and Other Subjects
  8. Symbols of Wood
  9. Communion with Canvas – May 1, 1965
  10. A Time to Give Thanks
  11. Good Saturday Morning
  12. Life in the Slow Lane – July 5, 2010
  13. Live 8 and Global Justice
  14. North America – No Longer an Island




  • 1.  In His Steps
    A poem written in March 1965 immediately after my return from Montgomery, Alabama where I participated with 5  colleagues from Goshen College and 25,000 others in the final part of the Selma to Montgomery march during the Civil Rights campaign.  This is a summary of the original. Read more>>


  • 2.  Weekend in Geneva
    A description of the visit to Geneva by a small group of activists including Joan Baez who travelled to Geneva during the Cambodia border emergency of 1980.  We were concerned that efforts would be made to slow down or shut down the border access to Cambodia which was controversial but in our view a lifeline to the population trapped at the border of Thailand.  Our point of view prevailed.  Read more>>


  • 3.  Night Train to Riga
    Describes the experience of travel in the Soviet Union immediately after its collapse.  I was unable to obtain a flight and ended up sharing a compartment with a Russian woman who had given up on men in her country and shared her story with me. Read more>>


  • 4. A Bible Story
    Published in “Marketplace” November/December 2011 edition together with photos. A series of events that took place during the period 1989-1992 when I spent a great deal of time in the Soviet Union. The events are linked by the common theme of activities around promoting a religious play, printing Bibles inside the Soviet Union and in the end smuggling an antique bible out of the country with the assistance of the KGB. Read more>>




  • 7.  Christmas, Peace and Other Subjects
    Political travelogue based on travel to Burma/Myanmar, Laos and Ho Chi Minh December 2013 on the occasion of sponsorship by the DeFehr Foundation of a Peace-Building event in Yangon and related travel. Read more>>


  • 8. Symbols of Wood
    A reflective note attached to the Christmas gift to Palliser managers in 2002.  It takes a philosophical view of the material and the inequity in our world. Read more>>