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  1. Asia Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative
  2. Imagining a New Future for Mexico
  3. El Futuro Cruza el Istmo de Tehuantepec



    • 1.  Asia Pacific Gateway and Corridor InitiativeReport and Recommendations
      A report prepared for David Emerson and the Government of Canada to recommend actions that could enhance the role of Canada in the Trans-Pacific movement of goods with an emphasis on the role of containers.  The report coincided with the opening of the new container terminal in the Port of Prince Rupert.  My personal role in the report including scripting most of the portions of the report other than the parts related to air and airports. Read more>>


    • 2.  Imagining a New Future for Mexico
      Published in Spanish in Letras y Libros in Mexico in 2007.  The article looks at the potential for using the Isthmus of Tehuantepec as a container bridge and scramble as an alternate to the Panama Canal.  Much of the emphasis of the article is the potential impact on Mexico in terms of re-orientation of the country to the south and as an alternative to the reliance on the United States connection. Read more>>