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  1. Elements of a Canadian/Manitoba Immigration
  2. Thoughts on Manitoba Immigration
  3. Immigration Matters
  4. Immigration by Design
  5. WPO Immigration Program
  6. Cultural and Economic Foundations of Immigration Policy
  7. Making Sense of Migration (GFMD – Puerto Vallarta)
  8. Mauritius GFMD (November 2012)
  9. Migration Policy – The Role of the Private Sector
  10. Making Sense of Migration (Trilateral Commission in Mexico City 2010)
  11. Palmer Conference in Prince Edward Island – 2012
  12. Americas Policy and Immigration Letter to Kevin Lynch


  • 1.  Action Plan for Manitoba Immigration Project
    An internal set of notes from 2001 which illustrates the nature of the involvement of the Business Council and the small committee working on this project. We were very intent on driving the process and guiding the Province in terms of direction. Read more>>

  • 2.  Elements of a Canadian/Manitoba Immigration
    A 2002 document that continues with our 2001 planning and the effort to develop the program beyond the initial outline of the Provincial Nominee Program into a more structured understanding with the Federal Government on the Provincial role in the Immigration process. Read more>>

  • 3.  Thoughts on Manitoba Immigration
    A 2012 document written largely for myself that addresses the emerging changes in immigration policy proposed by Jason Kenney and the Federal Immigration Authorities.  This document expresses our early concerns about the potential negative impact on Manitoba Immigration. Read more>>

  • 4.  Immigration Matters
    A continuing expression of our concern about changes in immigration policy but speaking more as a policy document and taking on some of the more controversial issues in immigration.  Written initially in July 2012 and revised in February 2013. Read more>>

  • 5.  Immigration by Design
    A speech on the occasion of the opening of the new building and offices for the START program related to provisions of services to immigrants in downtown Winnipeg. Read more>>

  • 6.  WPO Immigration Program
    An outline of a very interesting program designed to introduced members of the WPO/YPO to the issues and intricacies of immigration through the use of real people who would tell their stories and become individuals rather than statistics. The event was very successful. Read more>>

  • 7.  Cultural and Economic Foundations of Immigration Policy
    The first (November 2009) of a series of annual presentations at GFMD events (Global Forum on Migration and Development) – an annual event sponsored by the UN in an effort to highlight migration concerns and bring the issues of NGO’s with humanitarian concerns together with Governments often more focused on security. I told the Manitoba story as an example of migration that was done deliberately and sensibly. Read more>>

  • 10.  Migration Policy – The Role of the Private Sector
    A speech presented October 2011 in Mexico City to an event titled “Migration and Peace” dealing with the effects of migration on violence and instability.  Other speakers included President Calderon of Mexico and Nobel Laureate Oscar Arias – former President of Costa Rica. Read more>>

  • 11.  Making Sense of Migration (Trilateral Commission – Mexico City)
    This was a presentation to the Trilateral Commission at their North American meeting in Mexico City in November 2010.  The orientation was to speak to a primarily Mexican and US audience of business, academic and Government leaders and use the Canadian and specifically the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program as an example that intelligent immigration was possible.  Read more>>

  • 13.  Americas Policy and Immigration Letter to Kevin Lynch
    Letter written in 2007 to Kevin Lynch following a strategy meeting in Ottawa with a number of officials regarding the desired shift in the orientation of Canadian external interests toward Latin America. This letter argues that a significant aspect of such a re-orientation should be based on immigration policy which is less subject to political and economic winds and can build the foundation for relationships. The letter also argues that Latin America could be an excellent source of immigrants who are easy to integrate. Read more>>