Director of part of the Landbridge AID program from Thailand through the border into Cambodia  1980.

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  1. 1980 Thai-Cambodia Border
  2. Landbridge and Cambodia
  3. A Weekend in Geneva



  • 1.  1980 Thai-Cambodia Border
    A letter to friends describing the border situation and the landbridge project.  It was written near the end of hte project but just prior to the attack of the Vietnamese Army that effectively shut the program.  It is written in the current tense while the project is still full active and reflects those sentiments. Read more>>


  • 2.  Landbridge and Cambodia
    A document written primarily for an Academic Conference.  The document describes the project and the politics.  It is also an apologetic for my point of view regarding the different and controversial views as to the role of our agency, other players at the border and the role of the various international agencies. Read more>>


  • 3.  A Weekend in Geneva
    A description of the events surrounding the attendance by myself and a small group (including Joan Baez) at the May 1980 special conference on Cambodia in Geneva.  It describes the political environment driving international policy regarding Cambodia, how we experienced that policy and our efforts to influence the outcome of the Conference. Read more>>