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  1. One Saturday Morning February 2013
  2. Report from the Yucatan
  3. Imagining a New Future for Mexico
  4. El Futuro Cruza el Istmo de Tehuantepec
  5. Making Sense of Migration (Trilateral Commission – Mexico City)
  6. Making Sense of Migration (GFMD – Puerto Vallarta)
  7. Migration Policy – The Role of the Private Sector
  8. North America – No Longer an Island
  9. World Without Pity
  10. Globalization – True Believers
  11. The Impact of China on North America





  • 3.  Imagining a New Future for Mexico
    Published in Spanish in Letras y Libros in Mexico in 2007.  The article looks at the potential for using the Isthmus of Tehuantepec as a container bridge and scramble as an alternate to the Panama Canal.  Much of the emphasis of the article is the potential impact on Mexico in terms of re-orientation of the country to the south and as an alternative to the reliance on the United States connection. Read more>>



  • 5.  Making Sense of Migration (Trilateral Commission – Mexico City)
    This was a presentation to the Trilateral Commission at their North American meeting in Mexico City in November 2010.  The orientation was to speak to a primarily Mexican and US audience of business, academic and Government leaders and use the Canadian and specifically the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program as an example that intelligent immigration was possible. Read more>>


  • 6.  Making Sense of Migration (GFMD – Puerto Vallarta)
    This presentation took place shortly after the Trilateral Commission event.  The audience was the large group of countries and NGO’s attending the GFMD (Global Forum on Migration and Development) sponsored annually by the UN.  The article is largely the same and adapted to the different audience. Read more>>


  • 7.  Migration Policy – The Role of the Private Sector
    A speech presented October 2011 in Mexico City to an event titled “Migration and Peace” dealing with the effects of migration on violence and instability.  Other speakers included President Calderon of Mexico and Nobel Laureate Oscar Arias – former President of Costa Rica. Read more>>


  • 8.  North America No Longer an Island
    This speech was not written with Mexico specifically in mind but speaks to the larger issue of the dynamics that affect all of us as the globalizing world impacts us and reduces our options to control our own lives and environments.  Mexico has been equally affected by these developments. Read more>>


  • 9.  World Without Pity
    This is a 1999 speech to the MEDA convention and addresses the fact that the world is subject to values and dynamics that do not take into account the impact on people, culture and places that get in the way of events.  The purpose was to provide examples of a world that was no longer based on ethics or values.  The subject was not specifically Mexico but we had just entered the Mexican market in terms of building factories in 1998 so use examples from Mexico and were very aware of the pressures on Mexico. Read more>>


  • 10.  Globalization – True Believers
    Written in early 2006 in response to arguments about the benefits of Globalization and challenges the idea that much of the world is now subject to global competition.  The argument is made that really only a few industries compete globally and the rest of society is protected in various ways.Read more>>