Time to plan that visit to Iran!

Is it possible to visit Iran?  What kind of reception do visitors receive? How much freedom and how safe? As a result of my several writings on Iran (reference to these articles at end of blog) I frequently receive these questions – primarily from Americans. Attached is a short report from Dick Simon based on his April 2015 visit and third visit in 24 months. Simon is chair of PAN – Peace Action Network which Is associated with YPO – Young Presidents Organization. I was part of the second visit April 2014. I am writing this blog the day that nuclear negotiations with the West are scheduled to be finalized – so written with some degree of hope. The attached article is short and concise but contains interesting references which demonstrate that conditions in Iran are a rapidly moving target. For example, the PAN group were the first Americans to enter the infamous US Embassy since the hostage crisis. The visit of the PAN group received substantial coverage in U.S. Media.   If Iran is on your travel agenda – read on……

Dick Simon – Iran trip updates and observations


Reference to Art DeFehr articles re Iran:

  • Blog Post #4 – Does Iran Matter…….April 30, 2015


  • Iran in Transition
    Based on a visit to Iran in April 2014 with the YPO Peace-Action Network. Purpose of essay is to give readers a more nuanced view of what is actually happening in the country. Read more>>
  • Op-Ed piece by Jeffrey Simpson in Globe and Mail – May 2014 based on my Iran in Transition essay.

140517Iran – The Globe and Mail_ The Iran you won’t hear about from Ottawa