The untold story from the jungles of Cambodia. The multi-dimensional chess game that accompanied the end of the Khmer Rouge.

Wars, famines and diplomatic disputes are the stuff of headlines and “Breaking News” but those formats are seldom capable of describing reality. Cambodia and the reign of the Khmer Rouge ended in an apocalyptic collapse in the jungle border separating Cambodia and Thailand. This story describes the weekend where a group of 5 activists including Joan Baez, myself and 3 others challenged the UN system and emerged with our program and views intact. To read more… click on the following link:

After reading “Weekend in Geneva” there is reference below to a longer essay which describes the entire amazing experience of the Landbridge and more details of the hypocrisy, ingenuity, passion and commitment of the actors.

For a more detailed description of the entire Cambodia border-related events of spring 1980 click on the following link:

  • Landbridge – A Personal Perspective …….The endgame of Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge could be defined as a multi-dimensional Cold War Chess Game or an elaborate ballet – but that word is too kind to the protagonists. This essay was written 25 years after the fact after several authors began to circulate what I considered revisionist history – including changing and enhancing their roles in this history. It represents my intimate experience of the time and events and my perspective on the politics and roles of the various nations, agencies and personalities. The story reads like the plot of spy novel except that all of the events and details were real. The reality on the ground in these complicated international emergencies is much more complex than can ever be reported in most media – therefore this essay.